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Boccazzi - Tcherughe, Ciad
of volume 22

(published July 2011)

192 pages, 302 black and white illustrations, 40 colour plates


Martin Williams and Geraldine E. Jacobsen
A wetter climate in the desert of northern Sudan
9900-7600 years ago

Per Storemyr
The ancient stone-built game traps at Gharb Aswan and beyond, Lower Nubia and Upper Egypt

Henri Lhote, Translated and annotated
by Mark Milburn
Discovery of a pendant made of schist in a preislamic tumulus in Aïr. Its connexion with the
so-called Cross of Agadez and the origin of the latter

Nicole Honoré, Susan Searight-Martinet,
France Soleilhavoup et François Soleilhavoup
Wa-n-Kalia: an exceptional engraved site in the Aramat massif (north-west Fezzan, Libya)

Richard Wolff et Lorenzo De Cola
Les gravures rupestres du djebel Ben Ghnema
(Sud libyen) : une relecture

Alessandro Menardi Noguera and András Zboray
Rock art in the landscape setting of the western Jebel Uweinat (Libya)

Lenka Suková
The "Venus" of Jebel Uweinat (SE Libya)





Documenti rupestri / Documents of rock art / Documents rupestres

Mark Borda
New painted shelter at Jebel Arkenu (Libya)

Mark Borda
Rock art finds at Garet Shezzu and an aardvark?

Ulrich W. Hallier et Brigitte C. Hallier
Les « Têtes Rondes » d'In-Goubba (Tassili-n-Ajjer,
Algérie du Sud)

Jean-Loïc Le Quellec
Un chemin dans l'Uweynât

Ahmed Achrati
The relationship between the Iheren-Tahilahi/Wa-n-Amil Art and the Algerian Saharan Atlas. The significance of Garet al-Khalwa.

Daniele Mancini e Loredana Risari
Nuovo sito di arte rupestre nel Karkur Ibrahim (Jebel Uweinat, Libia)

Documenti preistorici /Prehistoric documents /Documents préhistoriques

Alain Rodrigue
Note sur les industries préhistoriques de la Dayet Masker
(Moyen Atlas, Maroc)

Maria Emilia Peroschi and Flavio Cambieri
Game traps, enclosures or something else? New stone lines identified in the Western Desert of Egypt

Luca Bachechi
Il riparo n. 3 di Monai nella Somalia meridionale (scavi Paolo Graziosi 1953) Studio dell'industria litica con appunti di sedimentologia e paleontologia

Ursula Steiner, Sigrid Krüger,
Uta and Friedrich Berger

Miscellanea from the Western Desert of Egypt

Dibattiti / Debates / Débats

Julien d'Huy
An explanation to the depictions of humans touching animals

Aldo Boccazzi e Donatella Calati
Tasko Mohamel (Tibesti nord-orientale).
Qualche problema di identificazione

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