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AbstractsNiola engraved figures

Tutankhamon's pectoral (G. Negro)
of volume 10

(published May 1999)

160 pages, 140 b/w illustrations,
19 colour photographs


Frank W. Eddy and Fred Wendorf
Prehistoric pastoral nomads in the Sinai (abstract)

Robert Vernet
Le littoral du Sahara atlantique mauritanien au Néolithique (abstract)

Christian Dupuy
Réflexion sur l’identité des guerriers représentés dans les gravures rupestres de l’Adrar des Iforas et de l’Aïr (abstract)

Farouk El-Baz
Aeolian deposits and palaeo-rivers of the eastern Sahara.
Significance to archaeology and groundwater exploration (abstract)

Jean-Loïc Le Quellec
Reconnaissance à Awenât
Les figurations rupestres de Karkûr Drîs et Karkûr Ibrahîm (Libye) (abstract)

Steven E. Sidebotham and Willemina Z. Wendrich
Berenike: Archaeological fieldwork at a Ptolemaic-Roman port on the Red Sea coast of Egypt (1994-1998) (abstract)

Alessandra Nibbi
Notes on the so-called Eastern Libyans, Ancient Egypt and the horse and chariot (abstract)


Amenti / Ament / Amentet

Vincenzo de Michele
The “Libyan Desert Glass” scarab in Tutankhamen’s pectoral

Pavel Cervicek
Rock art and the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts

Documenti rupestri / Documents of rock art / Documents rupestres

Alec Campbell and David Coulson
Rock engravings at Lake Turkana (Northern Kenya) and at Iouwellen (Niger)

Alain Rodrigue
Nouvelles gravures inédites à Oukaimeden (Atlas marocain)

Jürgen Kunz
The rock paintings of Wadi Tikraratin (Tassili-n-Ajjer, southern Algeria)

Gilbert Ruozzi
Quelques gravures au Gebel Eghei (Libye)

Donatella e Aldo Boccazzi, Adriana e Sergio Scarpa Falce
Relazione preliminare sulla regione di Ouri (Tibesti nord occidentale)

Roberta Simonis, Alec Campbell and David Coulson
A Niola Doa “lost site” revisited (Ennedi, Chad)

Documenti preistorici / Prehistoric documents / Documents préhistoriques

Alain Rodrigue
Nouvelle station haouzienne dans la région de Marrakech

Monumenti preislamici / Pre-Islamic monuments / Monuments préislamiques

Guido Faleschini
Un “menhir” nel Sahara

Yves et Christine Gauthier
Quelques monuments du Messak (Fezzân, Libye)

Dibattiti / Debates / Débats

Mark Milburn
On some “cross” pendants of the southern Tuareg
(Notes in honour of Henri Lhote)

Rivista delle riviste / Review of reviews / Revue des revues

Libri ricevuti / Books received / Livres reçus

Recensioni / Reviews / Compte-rendus


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